1. Totally agree with all points you made Andrew. If Marijuana was legal when I was newly in my party years, I definitely would have tried it. The fact that it was illegal and 'bad' was the only reason I did not use it in that period of time. And now Canada is removing the legal reason not to use. Are we also going to remove the social stigma to use? It seems as we are going down this road too. Could we not aim higher here for our children?

  2. Part of the Awakening of the sleeping giant that is in the church that is going on in Canada is the Awakening to where the drug culture is leading us, when it reality, there is no high like the Most High!

  3. Looks like he may also be suffering from over pronation in his walk. Could Marijuana be to blame? If that is the case then to hell with Marijuana legalization! There's nothing worse then having to spend money on new shoes for worn out treads at the heel.

  4. Thank you for sharing your story.
    Justin Trudeau is more than aware that legalization is not going to get rid of the drug dealers and will not protect our youth.
    It is going to make it much more accessible allowing 5 grams legally in the hands of children and pot being grown in the home. It's outrageous.
    Justin Trudeau is looking for a means of paying for his massive spending…legalization, he feels, is the answer.
    We all know it is all about the bottom line…the elite will get richer from the, willing, sacrifice of our youth, road safety and a further break down of the family.
    You respectfully say you do not want to disrespect the Prime Minister but respect is earned and he has behaved in a manner unworthy of Canadian's respect.
    He is harming our children and he must be called out for that.

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