1. You only have to do one thing to quit smoking….. never take another puff. Check out whyquit page on FB. It really helped me in the beginning of my quit…..3 1/2 years quit…..I’d never smoke again.

  2. That's awesome man hope it helps you out. I have been smoke free and vaping for 3 years . Like you said in another comment. I did turn it into a hobby but you don't have to. I started making ejuice as a hobby. Those new little pod systems have helped a lot of people quit . They work .✌

  3. I’ve been wanting to quit smoking as well bill so I’m gonna give This a try and buy it! You said it takes a special kind of e-juice, what may that be? Thank you in advance!!!

  4. I tried vaping early on (before it took off) and I was disappointed. I was not getting enough "kick" or that rush. Soon, I found myself vaping and smoking because something was missing. There simply was not enough nicotine to satisfy my 30 year habit. I bought the max allowed nicotine I could get in my state, but that didn't help either.

    Then I got hooked on this custom flavor our local store sold called "Wall Street." It was awesome. Unfortunately they went out of business and I never could find another flavor I liked. It seemed like all the local stores sold the same brand, which tasted like bitter p*ss that was lightly flavored. (No I never smoked p*ss, for all those comedians out there, just waiting to jump on this!) So I stopped vaping.

    I wonder if things have changed enough now in the last couple of years to try again?

  5. Good on you for giving up this smokes again, I had to laugh when you said that smokes are expensive at $7.50 a pack, in Australia we pay from $32.00 for a pack of 30's.. government have taxed the hell out of them.

  6. As a recovering alcoholic, I know how hard it is to quit an addiction! I have never been a smoker, but my husband is and I've seen his struggles. Wishing you all the best in succeeding! You can do this!

  7. i vaped for 3 years started swimming was feeling great , then in march i lost my brother to an incurable lung condition IPF he never smoked neither did my older brother who died of the same thing , so i fell off the wagon and started smoking again , not a full blown habit but it was what i needed to get me through like a comfort blanket, i`m going back to my ecig eventually , so i understand your situation bill , none smokers will find it hard to empathise

  8. I have starting vaping too and i love it. You know i was thinking last night how awesome it would be to find out if anyone has ever started an annual event for people with dentures to get together and have a good time together. Maybe like a cookout and swimming or something like that. It was just an idea. I just don't know how to go about looking to see if there is such a thing for people with dentures.

  9. Good for you Bill, I wish you success in quitting & I hope the vaping pen does the trick! Vaping helped me quit overnight as well, 4 years since my last cigarette & I don't miss it abit! By the way, a pack of cigarettes out here in Manitoba, Canada costs on average for about $15 a pack, some are more! I'm glad you're doing well & a lot less stressed! Keep em' comin', I like your videos & your "no nonsense" approach on all your advice. Take care, all the best! 🙂

  10. Bill, vaping helped me quit 9 months ago. Congrats to my friend. If the Smok kit doesnt work for you I just switched to a Suorin Air, its awesome and you can run either regular juice or salt nic in it. I love my Pacha Mama by charlies chalk dust the flavor profile is fuji apple,stawberry,nectarine. Its super clean and doesnt burn up your coils. Also, I dont like ANY of the naked eliquids. Keep up the good work bud!

  11. First, apologies; there are dozens of your videos I mean to watch & haven't yet due simply to time.

    Second, if anyone can do it, you can. Not many are as aware of their choices as you are. When you make a different choice, you'll know it was yours to make. Every minute, hour and day counts. The concept of 'forever' as being something I have control over has conned me into worry numerous times. You'll be just fine.

  12. Are you able to eat corn on the cob, can you show us. And my gums are still tender is there something that can help toughen them up.😁 glad your depression is gone. How did you managed to relieve the depression

  13. Hang in there Bill! Quitting smoking is the hardest thing, I think. There is a lot of good useful info out there on e-cigs & vaping now and that could help you to fine tune to your personal preferences. I would be glad to help you with info & such, if I could. Thanks & good luck with everything & your move & all, you've been so very helpful to others, so now let some others help you! 😏

  14. A lot of us have been there, I was doing great with not smoking for about a week or 2 after my extractions then I was back at it again. I didnt realise that you were at a campground in junction. I currently live in Rifle but I'm originally from junction. What a small world we live in. ☺ I hope the best for you in your cigarette free journey!

  15. I smoked 3 packs a day and quit with the vape. 6 years now. I still vape nicotine, and I even have a 60 ml bottle of that naked juice crap. LOL Your right it's horrible. But I make my own juice. I buy a pg nicotine base from ECigExpress and then buy the VG glycerin at walmart. What most folks spend on a 60 ml bottle I can make 600+ml of my own juice. You have to have a ratio of 70/30. 30% or less pg and 70% VG otherwise you will cough like mad and it makes your mouth and throat soar. go the 70/30 route and you should be fine. Your right, the salt nicotine works better, and is made from actual tobacco.

  16. Oh well hi there stranger was wondering where you've been. I'm glad you're in a good place, you can even see the difference in your spirit looking at you. YAY! Quitting isn't an easy feat, I have no doubt you're strong enough to stay off of them but you also don't owe us any explanations <3 I'm glad you found something that works for you though!!!

  17. get an e juice that is 70% to 80% VG it is the PG in the e juice that makes you cough LOW PG and HIGH VG ejuice will NOT make you cough, salt juice is very high in nicotine so check what level is the salt nicotine 20mg or less I have been vaping for over 1 year after smoking regular cigs for 45+ years May 1 2018 was 1 year smoke free for me!  Good luck to you, wishing you the best!

  18. Next Bill Westlund channel “ how to vape and control the urges from cigarettes” 😂 just kidding with ya! I would love to quit and have tried vapes several times, just can’t seem to get the hang of it and I wish you the best in putting those cancer sticks down for good

  19. You are a super person, Bill. I quit in January this year, I used one 30 day package of Chantix and it works really well for me. Still have those occasional demons where i want one, but its is fleeting. I was a life long smoker.

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