1. Just a side note. THC breaks down in light and should be stored in the dark. Even stored properly in the dark it still only has a shelf life of 18 months. The university of London has done extensive research into marijuana and published all of their research in a book called "Trees of life" it's a bit difficult to get a copy of these days but well worth it if you want to learn from a credible source that has empirical research and attached data.

  2. your metabolism is problem. I have super slow metabolism. I use honey mixture to make sure it sticks rides slower throw me. I'm usually destroyed for 5 to 8 hours. if I were you I'd eat full meal then capsules.

  3. I make at home capsules with bho and cut it with coconut oil for 50mg doses. Find this way always works you just get real bad weed burps. Definitely works though! Just bad fats or lack of used in the process of everything you're taking.

  4. so bummed 100mg law was made even though people that purely medicate off of edibles will no way be able to be medicated if they dont have access to 1000mg options to break up….and now the "wanna bes and never was" are coming into the picture to rip off the consumer……this legalization process was my nightmare after i saw this happen in the already legalized states

  5. I am sorry for your loss of 25 bucks. My experience has always been the same as you. What a rip off. Please try tinctures . If they don't work . Take it for the team and and hopefully you can get paid for these reviews. I stick to Korova but now they are doing flower. I hope Korova, Cheeba , or Kiva figure out higher potency. Maybe a butter and then we just spread away. I am in the Valley 818 searching. Peace

  6. I've tried capsules a few times and they really don't do it for me either. One theory I've read, at least when making your own capsules is that if you choose the wrong type of capsule they can degrade and become less potent over time. However, with these the oil is still clearly still inside so idk. But I agree traditional edibles hit me much harder even with the same milligram dosage. And are tinctures those alcohol based ones? I had this shit you put a few drops under your tongue, tasted absolutely horrible like rubbing alcohol and didn't do shit for me 🙁

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