MAGICIANS and the THE RISE OF THE anti-christ BEAST system (Part 4)

This content contains variety of ways demons help magicians manipulate things, therefore leading the world to a one world anti Christ beast system. Prepare …


  1. 2018 lots of these magic has been exposed already? Demons are working on something better rather than these type of clown shows. More toward Higher crimes, and making some people rich so they can stop believing from their work and being farther away from God. They will make lots of people losing faith and stop believing the judgement and the final days. They will brainwash human beings into non-believers ,will push people to commits all sinful things. Some of us think that they are intelligent and higher self place than others and they think science is the key to life there is no God. This is exactly the work of satan. Dont forget in the Bible it tells us knowledge and wisdom comes from God. God gave me more comfort zone over decades give me all these high tech but also gave us these trials to go thru , just like satan's plan he's working on to deceiving people and more people can join him on the final judgement day.

  2. This is Silly! You can buy all these tricks online!
    The person who uploaded this needs to research more deeply on his subject matter showing real substance rather than posting a video clearly showing his ignorance.

  3. This is Silly! You can buy all these tricks online, the person who uploaded this video with the daft title needs to look more into his subject matter more deeply before posting something up & removing all doubt.

  4. farout imagining perfection,,,,,,to a thou,,,,,,can you please message me back on how i should pray,,,,,,,,,,i know use balancing methods,,i dont know,,,wear my perfectly simetrical cross everyday,,,,,,your show is great ,,,thank you

  5. I can't believe how many of these channels that show magic is just bible thumpers that cheat on their wives while shouting "I'm a good Christian." Case in point was showing an Indian man sitting on a wooden stick; something that has been done before Christianity came about.

  6. Religionists (cultists) have the funniest conspiracy theories. This channel is comedy gold. I'm not a devil or some shit, I don't believe in the supernatural, a non-theist.

  7. hahaha THE RISE OF THE PEOPLE THAT DONT GET TRICKS ….comon now… i was hoping for something interesting from the title…these are not Magicians these are tricksters

  8. Lols most of these tricks you can do youre self if you put energy into it. No not satanic energi the willing to find out how its done. For instans i cant performe the trick with the pen in the first clip my self But im kind of intelligent and i can tell you that it involves a pencil made out of two separate pieces. There is a magnet that keeps the two peices together. This creates the illution that then pen is going trough the bill when in reallity the magnet is holding he two parts of the pen together…

  9. I honestly think demons manipulate matter with energy and frequency. They can turn anything with matter into anything they want. Tesla said the whole universe revolves around energy frequency and vibration. All matter is held together by vibration frequency or what Christians call the word of God. God said and it was. Uni means single 1. Verse means spoken sentence universe means single spoken sentence .God said.

  10. omg! At approximately 12 min into this cryptic mysteriousness I saw another prove that demonic behaviour can be intertwined with tech! Why don't youtuber's proofread their jibberish?!? Prove your proof!

  11. Most of these tricks can be easily explained, as I know 7 of them, however there is a spiritual war always going on within the self, the other, and society/government/traditions etc..powers and principalities.

  12. Just because you can't figure out how a trick is done doesn't make it real magic. With a simple search on YouTube will reveal their secrets. Any floating object uses magician's string available online.

  13. You people give Christianity a bad name. black art is a method in stage and closeup magic based on the idea that black against black can't be seen (or very difficult to see) this is why so many of you are seen as uneducated kooks – even by other highly religious people. It's not supernatural, anti Christ or demons. Pray that God will one day give you brains,

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