Kid Suda – Shake That Bottle [OFFICIAL 2018]

Kid Suda – Shake That Bottle AVAILABLE NOW on iTunes & AppleMusic. Kid Suda was made famous when comedian/actor Kevin Hart posted his homemade …


  1. That girl has to be spun out to even be in a video with that creepy looking fool or she getting paid a hell of a lot of money I would not put m dogs ass in a video with him

  2. Ah man, I remember them days on the streets when I'd been up for 4-5 days and it's 2am and im bumpin this song, all the "normal people" lookin at me like im fuckin crazy

  3. I dont eat i dont sleep all i do is check and tweek i check that closet yeah i check that closet. What im trying to tell ya homie it aint no joke i got some kick as dope growing in my closet yeah growing in my closet 😁😁 Just saying if someone takes this and makes a weed song let me know.

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