Is Your Weed Killing The Environment? | NBC News

Most of the conversation surrounding the legalization of marijuana centers on the business aspect and the personal freedom aspect. We don’t tend to talk about …


  1. Why should growing marijuana be any different than growing a corn crop? Farmers spray herbicide, to control weeds and insecticides to control bugs, let’s see an article on that.

  2. Weed is definitely by far a known destroyer to brain cells and genius like characteristics in the human mind. Legalization of weed is like letting five year olds smoke cigarettes. I have never met a hard working fast pace pot head. Weed is a drug and people use it to get high and it can destroy lives.

  3. Monsanto is killing us with weed killer roundup. Every garage in America has a jug. The bee population has been cut in half after roundup was available for home use. Cancer is up in young adults like never before. Monsanto has been ban in many countries around the world, but not in America. Wake up!!

  4. Wait weed is killing the environment? It sounded like it was the people using illegal chimicals…. If only there was a law against it so we could prosecute these people.

  5. No, not at all. All organic and earth friendly growing techniques. Big corporations are. Monsanto and others are growing weed. They grow weed like they grow food…poisonous! You would know that if you were real journalist not puppets of the Billionaire class WAR PROPAGANDA MACHINE. Pathetic! You're lucky are Americans are so ignorant or this horrible outlet wouldn't even exist as "media".

  6. Stupid article just trying to poke at a negative that is a consequence of it being unregulated. That being said calling it fake news propaganda is probably the dumbest thing I’ve heard, makes you sound stupid

  7. This is bullcrap! Every growery has to use pesticides in oreder to keep animals away and just because one person made a mess you say all the growery are the same, marijuanna is a medicine and it heals full blown seizures and your putting people in jail for growing it a medicine that heals anorexia, depresstion, pain, it even has been proven to help heal CANCER! If you are putting people in jail for growing something that heals cancer you are crazy, but I am but one man so its up to the world to decide but lets hope they make the wright choice this time.

  8. People use this on their property and farms as well.. weed growers aren’t the problem here.. but if it makes it easier for you to digest.. go ahead and lie once again to show weed, and or weed growing.. in a negative light.

  9. Fluoride was used for rat poison…. Why is rat poison in my toothpaste and water.? HYDROFUORIC ACID is FAR more dangerous than pot, and theres actually evidence to back, unlike this poor excuse of fear tactics… Just look in history and see who else used it… HITLER.!? and dont forget WHY he use it, thats vital information😂now look in history and see who all used pot, and im not even counting the ancients who used it thousands of years ago… I guess it just now started taking its effect😂it comes from the environment and we are the only ones with Cannabinoid Receptors, im sure thats just a coincidence..FAKE NEWS!!!

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  11. Legalize it and no one will need to grow it in secret! Then we can regulate the way it's grown, what is sprayed on it, etc.

    Don't try to blame it on the weed, it's the stupid people who use harmful chemicals. Weed can be grown sustainably just like any other crop.

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