How to Make Extremely Potent Rosin Press Cannabutter (Coconut/ Olive Oil): Cannabasics #83

Learn How to Make Extremely Potent Cannabutter or Cannabis Coconut/ Olive Oil using Rosin Pressed Marijuana on Cannabasics Ep. 83 …


  1. Can you take rosin sublingually since its been decarbed and also has a high concentration of thc? I'm guessing the only reason not to would be because the taste would be unbearable. It seems very cost effective for someone who needs fast relief and doesn't want to smoke, vape, or ingest harmful solvents. Please answer, I cant find anything on the internet.

  2. I've made dark chocolate medibles before form watching one of your previous videos and they turned out to be good with flowers. Gave me a great body high for about 3 hours but i'm looking to up the game with something stronger. I'm wondering if I could use rosin dabs in cocoa butter. Should the dabs also be decarbed in the oven first?

  3. Nice vid! Could you test how much thc realy lasts in allready vaped weed? and compare portable vape results with vapes like the volcano? Everybody shows you how to use vaped cannabis but nobody can tell you how much thc youre getting 😀

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