How do you use CBD oil?

How do you use CBD oil? And how much CBD oil should you take? Tune in for this episode of Endoca’s guide to CBD. Follow Endoca on social media: …


  1. Thank you for the helpful info. My mother has terminal cancer, stage4. She is juicing 64 oz a day and eats a raw vegan diet. Not a junk food vegan diet but a healthy nutritional diet.
    She has been using cbd for bout a year now. She went for a check up just to see how things are going. The doctor told her she would be one really healthy person if it were not for the cancer. The good thing is, it has not spread or grown for the past year.
    What would be a good amount for her to be taking. Right now she uses it when she has pain at 3 drops when used. Should she also be using it to help fight the cancer?

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