HID vs LED: The Role of Lighting in Cannabis Cultivation with Eric Harrington

With a background in physics and over 30 years of commercial lighting design and environmental controls experience, as well as 10 years of commercial …


  1. His line "unless your extracting quality is going to become more and more important" This shows you still have alot to learn about cannabis. Full melt bubble sells for 100 a gram in alot of places, you can NOT make full melt hash out of shit cannabis!

  2. Sir Shango Los i grow with normal led bulbs i only remove the plastics in the bulbs and they work very good in autoflowers and fem plants,i can prove that,i have vid not on my channel but i can put the vids in the channel to prove,i mix kelvins,my autos with 15 days look like 30 days plants my leds are better they most brands or vids on youtube.

  3. Lmao the problem is the old magnetic technology is bulletproof, you can get 10 years out of a ballast and just replace bulbs every 6 months,i can yield 20 oz in a 1.2 Γ— 1.2 tent with a 600 hps that costs 160 dollars,but i need to stop and change to led??
    I can set up a tent for 800 dollars that yields 20oz and i need to change??
    Biggest scam since religion this led bullshit

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