1. I'm not sure if I heard right or not. but around 20 minutes you said you were on James Peak. James peak has an old railroad tunnel called the Eye of the Needle. You can drive up there if your crazy enough. but I think you were way west of Rollinsville. I don't know what is west of James peak. We usually hiked the Cariboo, Indian peak and 4th of July/Devils thumb areas.

  2. jeez you need to learn some mountain safety. you were very close to being struck by lightning and you really should have been in the lightning position / never gone up that ridge. you really have a responsibility to the people who follow your channel to address this seriously in a future video. what you did is very unsafe and you are lucky that nothing happened.

  3. Very good video of what it’s like to bag a Colorado 14ner. I’ve been to the top of Grays, but got stormed out of also summit Torrey’s Peak, just next door. Keep on trucking’.

  4. You were very smart to recognize the lightning potential and avoid it. Thank God you made it through that without any incident. Thank you for all the great views you are sharing with us! Be safe!

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