Dr Matt Andry Science of CBD

The science of CBD is amazing. Learn what all the hype is about! Here is to your better health and wealth! Contact us today to get your 7day Challenge bottle.


  1. Can Dr DeSilva Educate my Dr Azmi Nasser he is a great Pain Specialist but I ready to get off the pain meds and not a whole lot works. I'v been taking them since 2003ish I have sleep, anxiety, Fibro, IBSD, nerve, depression ect.

  2. I’ve recently tried the vape version of CBD and while it tastes a lot better going in, I don't feel like it has the same effect as the dropper under the tongue. With the dropper I felt calmer and I was pain free within 20 mins but with the vape, I can't tell if it's working or not. I've been trying the vape for the last month but I think the dropper is the winner for me. I think the quality of CBD is important and I get my CBD from http://purehempshop.com?rfsn=1672160.3715b0 .These products are organic , non GMO , CO2 extract , they have full spectrum and CBD Isolate oils and they also posted the lab test results on their website.

  3. Just ordered 1 part THC to 25 parts CBD oil and I have heard this can reduce the psychoactive effects of the cannabis I smoke, if its true it won't work for me because I really like the high. Anyone notice this?

  4. been using cbd for about 3 weeks. wow its like i don't want to believe it,this stuff works 100% more energy, thinking more clearly sleeping is so blissful its like i can't wait to go to my bed every nite, pain relief works there too. this thing is amazing the whole world should know about this. i thought i knew it all when it came to weed but it just goes to show i know nothing.

  5. THIS VIDEO is from A to Z a GREAT OUTLINE of CUTTING EDGE SCIENCE and MEDICINE based and founded upon THOUSANDS of years of PRACTICAL USE and PROOF!!! Thanks for This Presentation!

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