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  1. Feed your Endocannabinoid system THC/CBD for good mental and physical health! Also known as HOMEOSTASIS.

    Marijuana is fat soluble, alcohol is water soluble, 2 different things. If you abuse marijuana, it has no effect, no overdoses! If you abuse alcohol/pills, it will kill you, via poisoning/overdose!

    Webster's New World Dictionary Defines words like, "Transsexual" "Transvestite", "Gay", and "Queer" But doesn't define words like, "Endocannabinoid" "Cannabinoids" and "Homeostasis"

    JeffC blocked me from his channel “FreeRadioRevolution REVIVAL” for talking about the endocannabinoid system, he is a gatekeeper.

    We live on a plane(T), with (T)ime given to us by the stars. For the purpose of planting and harvesting food. Particularly CANNABIS/HEMP, so feed your ENDOCANNABINOID SYSTEM!

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