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Download Buyer’s Guide here ➡ Looking to get a Medical Marijuana grow room set up? AWESOME! We decided to put together a …


  1. Stoner moment…I missed some things:

    1. A Thermo-hygrometer to measure your room temp and humidity.

    2. pH up & down solution (a natural option for pH up is baking soda or dolomitic lime – pH down would be concentrated lemon juice or apple cider vinegar).

    3. I just added a 315 Ceramic Metal Halide light to a patient's grow. I would suggest this over a 600-watt High-Pressure Sodium light, we'll cover why on a future video that can be seen on our website (link in the video description)

    4. This list may seem large, but you can start out buying things for veg only, then buy what you need as you grow.

    5. It seems like I wear that Volcom hat every time I'm on camera lol.

  2. Then you need ph meter you also need a tds meter or ppm reader then you need soil what med or you hydro then find all the right nutrients and I don’t spray my plants with water also you need a Ro system or Brita filter

  3. You need 3x3x5 for veg then you need a 5x5x6.5 for flower then you need 8 t5s for the veg tent room then you need a 600-1000watt hps for flower room or tent then you need air movement in either room and depends on room how your growing is it a tent is it a room but also when you use hood you wanna suck the air out not push threw

  4. Robert, All these supplies even if you are doing 10 or less plants? I have seen some people throw pots with their plants in them outside but this info is for "the best" results? Right.

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