10 Biggest Busts By Police Ever

The best method to stop illegal drug activity is to confiscate the big money seizures and fuel it. Here are the biggest Seizures of Cash to date. Subscribe to …


  1. I'm not a crook but I would be turn that drug money in- hell no I would stay poor in plain site but eat well and my kids all take out a mortgage and struggle thru life while dad supplied the payments

  2. Ever notice how when they mention these huge sum's of money it's always in the drug itself never real money, reason being when it comes to actual huge sum's of money it's in the pockets of the politicians and the bankers. Just look at this so-called super dealer being held in US right now, "shorty Guzman" they claim he's got billions of dollars but none of the government criminals have said where any of those funds are located because they've already stolen what they found. Corrupt US government and with it's band of criminals in the DEA stealing worldwide.

  3. They are dumb if you are doing shit illegal then don't put yourself 9ut there to look like you got money and 2 don't trust no one at stay under the radar that's why these assholes got caught

  4. Hmmm, the American DEA assisted Australia in a 500 million drug bust…yet where we have military superiority Afghanistan is the 1# world's supplier of opiates…smdh

  5. You messed up the numbers, 306kg meth and 250 kg heroin doesn't add up to 525 million, not even close. you would have to sell all that in prison.

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  7. One of the most effective ways to stop illegal drug activity is to get rid of the addicts, not the drug. Not saying that is simple but no addicts means no sales and criminals move on to different schemes. Agents would rather break doors down, muscle down thugs, take their cars, money, weapons, etc and thump their chests while bragging about how many "lives were saved" in the communities. Rounding up addicts for rehabilitation isn't as sexy a job and is more of a social-worker's problem to them. But in the meantime addicts don't just say "oh well I guess I gotta play Nintendo now that my dealer is gone." Instead of hustling and panhandling for money now they start robbing and killing people completely unrelated to the drug trade as prices go up when the supply gets cut off. Addicts still overdose, MORE innocent people are hurt or die from violence. The problem is not solved, but task forces continue to compile attractive statistics to justify their existence (including the deaths they didn't prevent but take credit for), implying that without their 'brave and fine work' the problem would be far worse. The war on drugs, in its current format, represents perhaps history's most widespread official protection racket.

  8. Thanks for leaving out the mafia cuz I guess you never heard of the Pizza Connection before wearing all the heroin was coming from Sicily and they put it inside of fucking what was it let me think oh shit it was tomato paste for pizza and that was in the 50s

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