Why I’m NOT Seeding this Fall | Lawn Care 2018 (Cycle 5)

It’s 81818, the start of Cycle 5 of my 2018 Lawn Care program, and in this video we look at the progress of my lawn so far, discuss my fungus issue, do a soil test, …


  1. Yet another great video Chris, being that I live nearby you. I too dealt with the fungus this summer. I wasn't sure to if i was going to seed this fall or put the preemergent but like our other local neighbor Michael (grass and garden TV) also decided not to seed and apply a pre-emergent, i think I'm going to follow suit and not seed. Keep up with the great videos

  2. Just started working on my lawn since I just became a homeowner. I stopped at Lowe’s for some Milo and they had a bunch of it. I guess no shortage here in Texas?

  3. Glad to see you are trying the OceanGro. I’m going to make a trip to Jersey in April when it’s $7.99 a bag and stock up for the year. I’m in PA and the rain screwed up my yard. I’m over seeding my front lawn 20K sq. Ft. With black beauty ultra. Going to hit my back acre with preemergent unless I can find some cheap seed. I’m jealous of the Toro. I just picked up a recycler and love it so far.

  4. I got a real kick out of the oceangro bag tossing lmao! Great video, that summer damage will recover quickly given all your hard work in these upcoming months when our cool season grass really thrives. Good ol' Fall!

  5. Lookin good! I'd highly recommend the N-ext products, I have done two applications of the bio stim package and have have fantastic result and fast! Location central IL

  6. I'm just north of Indianapolis and I'm going to overseed this year. I did it last year to fill all the dirt spots and holes in the yard from 15 years of the previous owner not doing anything. Had great results but the color is super splotchy. I could hold off, the lawn is decently thick but the bright green and dark green patches drive me crazy. I did notice a large area of thick Poa come up this year but that bothered me less than the color issue. I'll tackle the Poa next year. Heck if the weather patterns keep being crazy I might have enough time to overseed and still get down some pre-em. Not counting on it but I'll just have to keep an eye on the soil temp and see. 😉

  7. What spreader do you have? I need a decent one and the 2600A or a Titan professional is what I had in mind (Amazon sells both for a little over a hundred bucks). I'm in the process of putting down Prodiamine because my crabgrass is thriving. I bought some Triple Threat herbicide to deal with the lawn weeds (winter violets) and my soil test said to throw down a ton of lime… I have been using fish and kelp products in my garden for over a decade, the N-Ext products are attractive because one of the products I use is no longer in production. The foliar applications make a huge difference with the seaweed, humic, fulvic and other trace minerals. Its like putting your lawn on steroids, it just grows better.

  8. It’s not too late for a fungicide. You have two options: 1. Throw down propiconizale at curative rate or 2. Throw down a class 3 and a class 11 together at a lower rate. You don’t want to leave the fungus in there. Especially if you are not over seeding. It can kill off sections of your lawn that you are not going to be overseeding. If I remember correctly you have mostly fescue. It will not fill in bare spots. This will leave you with bare spots that weeds will love to fill in. Try to save what you have. Then get a good pre-em in the fall and spring.

  9. Been using the NeXT bio-stimulant since June in the front yard only and see a noticeable difference compared with the back which has had only milo. I decided to dial the milo back after throwing down on the 4th because had a serious fungus issue. I believe the N just fuels growth of everything, fungus included. I’m in SE Pennsylvania, and think my game plan for 2019 is to go with heavy rates of fungicide every 28 days IF I’m going heavy on the N. Contemplating dialing the N rates back next year and going just bio-stimulants

  10. Hi Chris … took your 2018 calendar and modified for 2019 and added in supplemental N-Ext Biostim apps plus tree & shrub along with Perimeter Pest Controls … plus modded it to include other supplementary data. It was very helpful. Location in central OH.

  11. Chris- love your videos both lawn and diy. Up here in Mass, I’ve had a tough season of poa annua and trivialis despite pre- emergent last fall. I’ll be interested in your results. While my lawn is thick, I’m going with an overseed this fall rather than pre- emergent. Btw – I’ve had great results w/ 3 apps of propaconizole for fungus this year.

  12. How the hell do you get rid of clover that is taking over my lawn? Keep in mind, I’m in Canada and we are not allowed to use certain weed killers

  13. Thanks for the soil test kit, I'm waiting on my results. Once i get my results I'm most likely going to apply Milorganite and Soil Doctor Lime both from Home Depot. I'm also going to apply Prodiamine 65 WDG as my pre-emergent for the first time. I take care of 3 lawns and Prodiamine will last me a long time with multiple applications per year. Its a cost effective option for me. I used Scotts Crabgrass weed killer this spring and i had good results. Maybe try Scotts next year.

  14. Poa annua is the one (and only) weed that I don’t mind. Of course I only get small patches of it though. Do you get a lot? If I had an entire lawn full of it, I may feel differently. I’d rather reap the benefits of aerating & overseeding, especially with the pounding my lawn takes in the southern summer heat (I’m in NC so in a transition state)….not to mention this year was a nightmare for fungus which left me with a bunch of bare spots! So for me, I’m going to be focused on that, filling in the bare spots and working on the health of the soil. Much more important than trying to prevent a few patches of Poa annua from sprouting up. I guess you have to look at it from your overall lawn health perspective and what it would benefit the most from!

  15. Hey Chris! I'm actually seeding my backyard because it is very thin and I'm putting pre-emergents down on the front yard. I'm gonna be starting to use the N-Ext products this fall. Should be getting the bio pack tomorrow. Great video!

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