when you accidentally smoke PCP LACED weed

In this video I tell a bad weed story or two. One of the bad weed storytimes is about someone who accidentally smoked laced weed. The laced weed they …


  1. My cousin and her bf laced me telling me it was wax they flashed a contner of dabs but only had ashes to smoke it with and flashed and the dabs again and they sied the only way to smoke it was in ashes it made me go loco man lmao I agot out my 9 and almost killed them all but i preyed i wouldent di3 later the guy killed himself and shot my bitch cousin in the face I'm shour she knew he was laceing my dabs it was wax but with a little extra somthing made my heart go 0 to 100 in a seccond don't trust anyone folks the reason I know I was wax it tasted and smoke like wax but mannnnnn it wasn't the same it was crack or pcp or amphetamine and pcp

  2. My story, I was at a party one night at a friends house. They kept throwing parties and asking me to come. I always flaked so I decided that I would go this night. As I got to the party it was just me my two friends who were girls and these other group of shady looking mfers. They were in the corner and asked if we all wanted to smoking pot, but they looked off. However, this was after my brother past away so I didn't care of life and I was doing what ever I wanted I just wanted to feel nothing. They asked if I wanted to smoke. I said sure. Well, the whole night they packed the pipe and I was going hard hit after hit, put it this way in a matter of a half hour things started becoming off, however, I was not stopping. I couldn't control some of my actions, I started laughing uncontrollably looking at my hand, but in my head I know who I was and could act normal. But I would come in and out of it. My two Gfs were smoking to but stopped after a little bit because their hearts were pounding. I didn't I just kept taking massive hits. So, as time goes by things start to get worse. I needed to get help to go to the bathroom that is how bad I was out of it. At one point, these pple that gave me the weed had black shadows around them, I saw demons in each of them and heard some of the worst things I ever heard. I started praying over and over in my head. Demons were laughing at me and saying "this guys so fucked up just laughing at me over and over like they didn't care at all about me." So, the demons in these pple were telling them things, I hear their thoughts and they were horrible like they wanted to rape my two gfs. Who were friends of mine. Their thoughts went something like this, "look this guy is so far gone he won't notice a thing lets do this now." I was sitting down at the time and no one was at their house expect me my two Gfs who lived their and these guys and the girl they brought with them. I thought since she was their she wouldn't let that happen, However, she was far worse and was in on all it. So, after me laughing uncontrollably at my hand every five minutes. I could not control my body at one point I would shake my head and it seemed like every movement was super slow motion, like a minute every turn. even making something as simple as getting up seemed like a half hour. At one one point, my friends brother came home because he came and said hello but immediately left to the kitchen. A voice inside me said to tell him whats going on. Let me first say that this seemed like an angel inside me telling me to do something. I knew I had I am a good dude not big on religion but love Jesus, however, I never thought it was truly real. I mean their is always doubt but not anymore. However the other voices of the demons were so terrifying it comatose me along with the drug. Their was a battle going on in my mind. But I prayed over and over for Jesus to help me. So, he gave the strength to get up which seemed like an hour and walking another hour then I found my way over to him. Every word seemed like 5 minutes to come out of my mouth. I don't even recall what I actually said, but I remember me saying something to the extent that I am over hearing some evil things Please just stay with your sister and Katie. If you know when your messed up you laugh and think its a joke. However, I grabbed his arm and said seriously no do it now. He did, they told me to go lay down, they had to walk me their and to the bathroom. I was so out of it. Paranoid the whole night hearing things like peaking in and out of a blanket like did you hear that. I never stopped praying the whole night. Brian, stayed with his sister and Jon his friend stayed with Katie in the other room. Finally, these pple whom ever they were knew they knew that their plan was not going to happen of whatever they were going to do with my friends, I know it was real because as they got up to leave and walking toward the door where the coach was that I was laying down, they said good bye. However, one of them in my mind said fuck I told you we should have capped this mother fucker. I was so terrified at what I just heard but they left so I was a little relieved. I knew at that particular moment things were okay, but I was under a blanket in and out paranoid. I wouldn't stop drinking water, my heart felt like it was going to explode, I finally fell asleep. Woke up in the morning remembering everything. Like it wasn't a dream. I felt extremely tired all day and I could not believe what happened. When I got home, I felt so out of it still but at least my head was on straight, however, I took a hour long shower felt so lethargic all day. I did some research and I felt like I got p dawged. They laced it, because I was out of it and they were not and my two friends were too but stopped, I kept going. Plus i never got to pack it and they kept giving it to me, like pushing on me. Plus the girl in the group, was in on all of it. Just insane how this went down. I don't know if this was all real. But I can tell you it was real to me. Their are demons and angels Jesus and the devil. I don't doubt anymore ever. Pple can say I am crazy and that is fine. But I been clean for over ten years and I was never a smoker and after that I had weed a few times, never had that affect on me like that night. I told pple this story and they mentioned to me that it was Pcp and weed. So, Idk but I know what happened to me. Their are demons they are the most malevolent things ever. They hate humans, but what I learned was the good in me which I felt angels were around me would not let me let anything happen to my friends. So, Idk if I am crazy or what but I thought I would share what happened with this night. It was 12 years ago and I it never left. I hope to hear from pple and see what you think. Thank you for reading this and stay clean!

  3. The highest I’ve I’ve ever been is the last day at my old school. I knew I was moving and I wasn’t doing shit the last day so I figured I get blitzed. Smoked 3 woods to the face and ate 2 edibles, at like 5 in the morning. All of my teachers wanted to conference with me for my last day and I was completely unable to form words, not a bad day tho.

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