1. His method of smoking is built of principles that your feeble minds are troubled to fathom. He wastes the weed but what he salvages is much more precious.

  2. you know he going to be smoking in less then 24 HRS smh people just do w.e for attention i promise… of all the things rappers need to quit weed is the last thing they need to be worried about the xanax &Lean all that other shit is the 1st stuff they need to quit !

  3. There finding pesticide and other shit in marijuana. I quit that shit. Health is wealth. No reason to be chasing a bag and not live long enough to spend that shit. Yall really trust yall plug? Lol

  4. Of course he's not quitting smoking but rap niggas love flexing about how much they can just waste shit because money ain't no thing to them. That's all this is, basically a show off for attention. You can bet your money that 9 times out of 10 when you see a nigga doing a video online its never for any honorable reason, but it's motivated by clout. Just like when you see niggas making it rain on homeless people rather than just secretly giving them the money or support, They have to make a spectacle of the situation.

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