1. I definitely don't think Mark Wahlberg should be on this list. He may have been very boring due to his choice of subjects, But he was no where near as bad as they others

  2. Hardly anyone featured looked really wasted. The only one on this list who is obviously wasted is Paula Abdul. Also what was wasted was another 10 minutes of my life watching this video. Thanks, Mojo! 🙁

  3. I would give Bill Murray, James Brown, and Steve-O each a pass. Everyone knows that Paula Abdul had a few all the time on American Idol, and everyone else on this list is just a douchebag… And I mean that in a good way in Danny DeVito's case.

  4. Actually, Mark Wahlberg was drunk on Graham Norton twice. On one visit, he went over and sat on Graham's lap and you could tell the host was not pleased. He kept interrupting another female guest and she told him basically to shut up on air on that same episode. The next time he came on, they had a glass of water sitting in front of him, and he was so pissed he just sat and pouted for most of the interview. 🙄

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