The Dangers of Marijuana Addiction (in 1951) | Flashback | History

In the midst of post-war suburban life, one green plant threatens this pristine utopia: marijuana. This film warns of the drug’s danger—how it can transform an …


  1. Cannabis is sacred. The people who made it illegal later admitted that they lied in a quote you can find today. Shame the government didn't tell us that part

  2. I am smoking my first mrijuana cigarette right now, tokes cough, aaaww gee wizz i feel kinda woozyyyy woooow whats happening golly far out man anbody got any dexedrine im feeling real woozy

  3. And now in 2018 it’ll be legal in October …..In Canada anyways I guess government found out they make more money when it’s legal then handing out petty fines

  4. It can ruin yoyr life if u let it. I have a friend who thats all he wana do and is also very lazy and even more lazy when hes high. But i also have other friends who really know how to use weed and they even work high and are pretty dam good at it. So its your choice i guess i dont know lol smoke upp dawgsss

  5. I think most of this is over the top, but I agree with the core message. I know a bunch of kids from high school who started weed on a regular basis and it practically took control of their lives. My view is while it may not be bad for you, you should avoid it at all costs.

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