scottrades Cannabis Watchlist for February 2, 2018

Plan your trades. Manage your risk. This video is my opinion only and not investment advice. Please do your own research before making any investment …


  1. Hi @scott trades you mentioned that you added to your position just before answering the reddit question. Wouldn’t that be averaging down actually? I’m a bit confused. Thx

  2. Its because of your videos, i too want to start learning these charts and better my chances to avoid the bloodbaths we've been in the last few days. Thank you very much and have a sub, sir.

  3. I see that THCX is getting separated from the SP500 in the last hour of trading.  Hope this trend will keep going because we may see a bigger correction of the DOW and SP500.  Do you see that?

  4. Great Video Scott. Wondering.. I'd like to setup my chart view in similar fashion as yourself. Anyway you could point me in the direction of doing that? Thanks!

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