1. A shedding your eye pigment is literally pigmentary glaucoma it is not safe. Naturally it's really rare but as someone who has it and is now legally blind it should never be allowed glaucoma is the no. 1 cause of blindness eye drains clog just like shower drains. This is so dumb.

  2. Vitamin C is only used by the body during sleep. Vitamin C is not stored for later use by the body. Orange juice for breakfast is not a way to use Vitamin C. Vitamin C also helps induce sleep.

  3. You can quit the U.S. military, but only in the first few weeks of training. It's called "washing out". About half the recruits will wash out of each new class of recruits. In Military Police school, we started training with about 60 recruits in my platoon. By the end of the first 8 weeks (Basic training) we were at just over half that and by the end of the second 8 weeks (AIT), we were down to just under half (about 25-28) (This was 1984 so I don't remember exact numbers.)

    Our drill instructor told us that of those of us who graduated, only about one quarter would finish out their full contract.

  4. I've read an article that was much worse when it comes to drinking too much water. There was a college fraternity hazing stunt where boys were expected to drink 10 gallons of water. One of the boys died from it. Very large amounts of water can oversaturate your body's cells, compromising their structural stability.

  5. I disagree with the marijuana addiction part. While using marijuana is extremely enjoyable it is not addictive. While going without it can be a bit of a drag the user can still function normally ~ unlike more dangerous drugs like heroin or crystal meth. Marijuana does not deserve to be demonised. It is much safer than alcohol, and is not addictive!

  6. #4 If ANY of you have issues with military questions, I can answer them! Also, with #2, texting 9-1-1, it's WAY safer to TEXT in the case where you DON'T have a firearm to subdue your attacker (NOT KILL intentionally/aim for legs or Center-Mass KIDS!) Also, DON'T EVER leave one around your kids unsecured!! PLEASE PLEASE please!!!

  7. I also heard of some eyelash serum that turned some people’s’ eyes brown from blue but only if they have some kind of predisposition. You’d have to google it further to find out more. But yeah agreeing with the most recent comment – it’s fun to change your eyes with contacts but why change them permanently? Brown eyes and blue eyes are both beautiful and everything in between.

  8. Deaf people cannot use the phone to call the police, and use text messages entirely on their phones. Police and other emergency services in our area ( Southern California) are able to respond to text messages.

  9. Whistler jokes

    Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein once got in a heated debate.

    Whistler won…

    The apple didn't fall on Newtons head
    Whistler threw it…

    Whistler stores all the facts for top tenz in his beard…

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