Mixing Alcohol and Cannabis | Ask a Scientist Ep. 1

Whether you call it getting “twisted,” “crossfaded,” or something else, combining cannabis and alcohol can quickly turn into an intense experience because each …


  1. All depends how much you’ve drank and how much Weed you’re gonna smoke. Like shit I’ve had a bottle of rum had a fatty and been holding in the tokes then next minute I’m collapsing on the floor tripping balls lol. Be sensible guys!

  2. Cannabis and alcohol is a potentially dangerous combo, getting cross faded can easily make you feel really sick or give you a panic attack. mixing these things is just fucking stupid.

  3. Leafly, with every vid you put out, it gets harder and harder to not hit the Unsubscribe Button. It’s seems this channel is on auto pilot and you just don’t give a shit. Please, change my perspective.

  4. my personal experince is that getting high first (not too high!) and then having some alcohlol can be a nice prolonged buzz for the night, especialy at parties. This being said I have seen it go horribly wrong, usually with non smokers who only want to try weed when their already pretty far gone from the drink. Also VERY IMPORTANT to know your own body, how much and what drink your using and to have some experince with both before getting cross faded.

  5. If you are consuming cannabis, a general rule of thumb regarding alcohol: Less is More, Less is Better. The sacred herb never tolerates drunks and often prefers NO alcohol. The sweetest cannabis high's are without doubt, alcohol-free. That being said, mixing moderate or small amounts of alcohol to cannabis consumption can be toasty warm and a little trippy sometimes, IMO.

  6. I was Twisted once in Hawaii apparently I blacked out and tried to fight someone my friend saved me from a fight … didn't realize it happened until a few days later when they told me

  7. You probably should have mentioned cannabis can prevent vomiting and if you drink to the point of alcohol poisoning and can't vomit it can cause death! This is why chemo cancer patients use cannabis to stop the nasia and vomiting! BE CAREFUL!!!

  8. Sweet idea. Any drug even alcohol could be used as a medicine but it's all in how you use it. You can use most substances successfully with safety and knowledge of that substance. The fact that alcohol relaxes you a little further than weed is just as medicinal as weed itself. Mixing the two seems so natural considering it's been done throughout history anyway and besides, a responsible person would recognize their threshold and know what to do. Stop hating guys use common sense and safety.

  9. Something important to note is the antiemetic properties of cannabis. As many people of drinking age know, consuming too much alcohol can result in you throwing it up later. Consuming cannabis products can suppress this natural safeguard your body has for alcohol overconsumption, which can be dangerous enough to result in alcohol poisoning. I strongly recommend people who haven’t combined these two intoxicants to get experience with them individually to start. When you’re ready, begin with alcohol. You will be able to more accurately gauge when you’ve reached your desired level of intoxication or even one that may be a little too much before taking something else that could interfere with your ability to distinguish this. Titrate your substances, as the gentleman in the video says! Be safe, and happy crossing!

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