Medical Marijuana Garden Tour August 3, 2018

Medical Marijuana Garden Tour August 3, 2018 I am authorized by Washington State to grow, possess and consume cannabis for chronic Crohn’s Disease.


  1. Nice time for me to walk through your outdoor garden and I don't have to even worry about stepping in mud. God, I love technology 😉 Jay Jay you have some hella genetics in there and I always enjoy your channel. I am in the process of buying my camcorder this month and then I will Have Content to share. First Runs will be PAR testing lights with Cody Oebels, NukeHeads PAR meter. Big shout out to NukeHeads from me and hoping to deliver content to you as well but after you pass 42K followers I know you can't keep up with all that and I would be insane to even ask that you would. So with that, Alwayz Remember what Godz Alwayz sayz, Peace, Love and Hippie Beadz 🔥🌲☮️💚😎

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