Living With Chronic Pain In A Relationship

Welcome to part 2 where we will watch Kelsey and Lara start their laser treatments and talk about what it’s like navigating relationships with chronic pain.


  1. It is extremely irresponsible to give this scam such platform. Their conditions are really serious and their pain is real so it is easy to prey on the desperation to find a cure. But this is beyond pseudoscience that this charlatan is propagating

  2. As a chronic pain sufferer, I understand how desperate they feel to get some relief. But that putting a vial on your stomach and pushing an arm is bull. I’m sure the β€˜laser’ is too. The psychological part is always helpful to pain sufferers, but I’m sure it wasn’t worth how much they paid for this whole β€˜treatment’. The clinic may believe in their pseudo science, but really they are just victimizing people even more, just because they are desperate.

  3. I suffer from fibromyalgia…pain is my life…you just have to accept it. It really sucks. I don't have the money to go to a doctor…I don't have insurance.

  4. I wish I could do something like this. PCOS sucks and I seem to have all the worst possible symptoms of it… my biggest fear is that my uterus will break one day. Plus Im alway in pain. I hope this type of treatment works for these girls because I understand their pain.

  5. When I saw that baby that was suppose to go into her vagina, all MY fear of putting a tiny, itty, bitty, tampon in my vagina came surging back at me. I can't imagine the guts she must have to do that. AND IT WORKED! She flipen did it!

  6. Would love to see more on how partners deal with chronic pain, how to explain and deal with partners when you have chronic pain. Having similar conditions to both women. It is such a personal thing to discuss but its not something that you can find out about or get help with easily

  7. Is Lara on a whole food plant based diet? She mentioned feeling judged for eating a salad instead of a steak. I've seen lots of reports of endometriosis vastly improving with WFPB eating!

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