Jalen Rose and David Jacoby debate medicinal marijuana in the NBA | Jalen & Jacoby | ESPN

Jalen Rose and David Jacboy debate the future of medicinal marijuana use in the NBA. āœ“ Subscribe to ESPN on YouTube: …


  1. It might make health conditions worst. It effects your respiratory system. And it might make it difficult for them to breath, moving fast up and down the court without getting tired before the game is over. The therapies are better for their pain conditions

  2. I just quit smoking, but I still support medical marijuana. But I can see good and bad sides to legalizing for the nba. Yes, if it's legal in their state then there should be no issues with it. But at the same time, they will not play to the best of their abilities if they are high during the game. I would hate to see my teams stoned playing because the whole world is going to blame marijuana ANY time a team does bad. I think if they can regulate it and be responsible enough not to influence the youth on social media or in general, and to be responsible enough to not smoke during games and practice then there shouldn't be an issue. There are strains with just cbd and no thc as well with no high, but let's be honest, who tf is going to want that over some sticky og? Not many lol.

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