If You Ever See This Growing In Your Yard, Don’t Pick It!

How to Identify Useful Weeds. We hate weeds and try to kill them with every possible kind of pesticide. However, not all of them are equally terrible, and some …


    What’s purslane? 0:50
    The health benefits of purslane 1:23
    It’s good for your heart. 2:07
    It helps with weight loss. 2:40
    It’s good for your intestines. 3:12
    It takes good care of your skin. 3:50
    It might help to prevent cancer. 4:15
    It improves the quality of your sleep. 4:54
    It’s good for your eyes. 5:30
    It makes your bones stronger. 5:53
    Where can we find this useful β€œweed”? 6:25

  2. Kind of hard to do in a huge city. Dogs and people urinating and whatever else. Would love to buy this instead of picking up what may be contaminated with who knows WHAT.

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