How to Roll a Backwoods with Lil Baby (HNHH)

Lil Baby reveals that PeeWee Longway is the one who introduced him to Backwoods in our latest episode of How to Roll!! Subscribe below for a new episode …


  1. Lol fool had to roll the lightest one out the from Miami an I been smoking woods since 03 an where I'm from we throw the light ones away LMAO them shits don't hit right NEVER! I stay in GA now an I ain't gone lie quick trip to have the best crushed ice

  2. lmfao , scared of a cookie . man stop it and get ur edible on and see what the real deal is . love how all these folks wanna talk shit about how much they smoke and how they can handle they shit but wont fuck with a few starz or a cookie. lmfao get ur grub on man

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