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Another get ready with me GRWM, this time talking about my 4 months on the ketogenic (keto) diet as a vegetarian – the amazing results I had and why I quit.


  1. I already watched this video a while ago, and hadn't set up an account back then to leave a comment, so don't know if you will get this now or not, but I did a low fat version of the keto diet and my lab results where amazing.

    I suffer from a cholesterol problem, a gene issue that causes high levels that medication has a problem keeping it low, but doing a low fat version of the keto diet, it dropped from 328 to 190 in 3 mths and I lost 35lbs.

    I tried the high fat version to start with and that didn't go so well. Of course the difference is that I'm not vegan or vegetarian, because that would make the diet extremely tough to do. Typically I was having things like egg white omlettes mixed with low carb veg for breakfast, Atkins shake for lunch and a chicken chef salad for dinner.

    I think for me, it's definitely going to have to be a lifestyle change rather than a way to lose weight and then go back off it. Once I quit eating that way, the pounds slowly crept back on and so did the cholesterol. I need to get back on it again.

    My main problem was learning how to come off the diet and that's where I messed up. I thought I could go back to eating how I did beforehand, rather than realizing I needed to eat the same way but up my calories.

    If there is a way for anyone to try it, I highly recommend it. My blood sugar was fantastic too. I recommend using lo-salt for potassium and physillum tablets for fiber as both of those are required on the diet, plus drinking lots of water.

    I hope that helps anyone else watching this video again, or for the first time. 🙂

  2. Raw Rev Glo bars in the creamy peanut butter flavor from Amazon help me & they're yummy. Each has 15 grams of protein & 3 net carbs. They have just a few clean & real ingredients, too. Unfortunately, the price per box recently jumped up but they're still a touch less than other protein bars but are much healthier. Good luck!

    Also, I wanted to be vegetarian keto as well. I'll be looking into the redit forum for help but know it'll be hard. I've decided that eating meat that's organic & from grass fed/range free/uncrated animals is the only acceptable kind. Ultimately, if animals could live happy healthy lives then be truly humanely killed it'd be perfect. I'd rather an animal & people be able to live and die this way. Being eaten alive by another animal or starving are horrible ways to die. But if this thinking doesn't work for you then I understand & wish the best regardless. A lot of vegetarian keto research will be required though.

  3. Oh, I completely understand yo-yo dieting. I've lost weight and gained weight several times in my life too. I'm 54 now and the weight keeps piling on. I've done Atkins too.

  4. Do you ever find issue with your undereye looking cakey or dry? I def don't bake, I have seen quite a few youtubers who are doing makeup on mature skin baking it. I saw to put moisturizer on, then an eye cream, then a beauty oil under the eye before foundation. I'm going to try it but I'm concerend how it's gonna look in hhot weather. As you know this week we have had great spring weather but not sure once the thermostat goes up again. I have combo skin, oily on my nose and around it but dry forhead and cheeks. Just curious what your thoughts are on it.

  5. Hi, I know this is an older video so you may not see this comment. I was wondering if you're familiar with the Atkins diet? It is a similar low carb meal plan to keto, although Atkins works in phases. The idea behind that is to slowly start adding in carbs with each phase of the diet. By the time one is in phase 4 (maintenance phase) they have a good grasp of their carb tolerance, and what their trigger foods are, if any. The Atkins site is very informative, with forums and tons of recipes. They also have recipes for vegetarians. It's a similar concept to keto, but I don't think it's nearly as strict. I've also had a lot of success with it, although I'm not a vegetarian. Anyways, I thought you might be interested in checking out some of the recipes and meal plans for vegetarians to see if it's something that appeals to you. There's also something called Eco-Atkins, which is designed for vegans/vegetarians. I haven't read too much on it, but I noticed that the carb count is a lot less strict with that plan.

  6. Hi Shelly I am bingeing your vids so you may not see this comment. I have been following Dr. Dray for quite some time. She is a dermatologist who has daily vlogs on affordable skin care, dermatology Q&A, and grocery hauls as she is vegan. Also includes some really good looking easy recipes. I can’t follow them because I have tons of food allergies, but you may enjoy her. Loving your channel!

  7. JUST found you, so glad I did! SELF TANNER – the one I love, and feels good, smells good (at first) Senegence Self-Tanning Bronzing Coconut Milk. I've tried a lot of tanners, pricey but worth it xoxo

  8. Hi! First time viewer. I have liked the age rewind product a lot but worry about the bacteria after a while in that type of applicator? What do you think?

  9. Actually some doctors are now admitting ( or realizing) that cholesterol is a normal thing , your body uses it all day, it needs it. Some doctors are saying they now eat 2eggs & real butter ( from pastured cows) on their toast . Oatmeal will lower cholesterol ( My high cholesterol has gone down & been perfect since eating oatmeal a few times a week) & I eat lots of fat( good fat) . Some doctors are sick of big pharma & realizing the truth about nutrition & pills.

  10. Hi..Iam a new subscriber…your makeup looks great! I heard those Milani palettes are great! As far as dieting you must incorporate exercise. ..All I did was ride my bike outside everyday then my stationary bike inside ..lost 35 lbs so easy…My family thought I looked sick! Which made me kinda mad..Lol..gained a little its ok now. ..Iam 5 ft 8 inches and weigh 140 lbs..I was 130….too low for me apparently. you lost 100 lbs! That's alot! Speaking of self tanners their is a new one out that is so great its sold at ULTA it is $45 but it blurs imperfections and last quite awhile its called VITA LIBERATE BODY BLUR SUNLESS GLOW SELF TANNER INSTANT HD FINISH…Well it looks like I have alot of your videos to look at! Have a great week..Denise

  11. I always have issues with the primers and bb primers irritating my eyes! I also have to be careful with the types of eye concealers, most make my eyes red, burning, and watery all day. I don't know what it is I'm allergic to, it's so annoying. Anyone else have these issues?

  12. Shame about the Keto… it literally saves lives and vastly improves the quality of one's life. Geek out about Keto and cholesterol because it's normal for your blood work to come back high in the early stages of the diet. There is tons of info here on YouTube about this subject now. There are even Vegan/Vegetarian Keto peps to follow and be inspired by. The Keto Doc's of YouTube are amazing (Dr. Berg, Dr. Westman, Dr. Barry) I'm in my fifties, and believe me, losing weight will only get harder, especially after menopause. I love you Shelly. I've been following you since you had double digit subscriber numbers. Take a break, gather more knowledge, and try Keto again. It might be a little harder doing it Vegetarian but it can be done.

  13. I noticed how great you were looking in the clothes videos! I have been on Keto since July, and I don’t think I have lost that much, if at all. I follow it perfectly, but I don’t weigh myself (I can’t handle that). No one has said anything, and I feel like once again, I put in all of these effort with no results. I was hoping for the kind of story that you had, losing tons in a short period of time. One book I have says that if you have underlying health issues, you may have slow loss, which is me. I am going to keep it up since I think it is better for me overall. I don’t have cravings at all, sleep better, etc. Pretty much everything but noticeable weight loss 🙁 Keep us updated on the cholesterol situation and if you go back! It may be worth it, as you said.

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