1. I really enjoyed the videos FPS Russia put out. They were entertaining and they were educational. The government probably did not appreciate the kind of firearms he had access to (whether legal or not). It's no surprise that this happened, especially after his friend was found deceased, apparently from a gunshot wound. I hope after his charges are disposed of, he can in some way return to youtube (but a condition of his charge disposition may likely prohibit such).

  2. America is fundamentally broken say what you want but that is a fact I lean neither left or middle I stand right in the middle of the political scale and determine what laws or policies so on and so forth that seem the most not only rational but beneficial to the American people but those are few and far between especially if you're talking about getting passed because extremists on both sides are so firmly stead in their political beliefs that if one side proposes a great policy or law that is beneficial to everyone the opposing side would automatically slap it down even if they knew that it would be beneficial for everyone all just because they are on two opposite ends

  3. This sounds so fishy. His friend that sources the weapons gets the Hillary Clinton special, then Kyle gets shit sent to his home and then he is raided. Doesn't add up. The ATF is treasonous. I'm just glad they didnt kill Kyle's dog (if he has one) and burn down his place. Also shouldn't he have a chance to get his guns back because he's a first time offender and he has had no charges Related to fire arms? Or does the felony toss it out the window?

  4. just started watchin yea and your pretty good at keeping my attention,,been looking for a place to retire to when i cam across your Poland on $500 a month vlog,,,to hear you tell it i cant go wrong there with what ill get a mounth and I see that the women are very fine there also,,,keep on keepin on brother,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,yeosteev

  5. It wasn't just 28 grams of weed. It was 28 grams of bho which is a weed concentrate which is a MUCH more serious offense. Where I'm from (Florida) under 20 grams of regular weed is a misdemeanor, but ANY amount of concentrate is a felony. Now your talking about an OZ of something that is automatically a felony…. not good at all…. that'd b comparable to getting caught with an oz of meth as far as the American judicial system is considered..

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