Dr. Kripplings Incredible Bulk autoflower cannabis harvest, dry, weigh

final video of this seasons grow, hope to see you next week for season 7 /Cheers and thanks for your support.


  1. I'm germinating four autoseeds at this point, and it will be my first grow (outdoors). Damn it I'll be lucky if i even get half the yield you get per plant. Love your videos man!! Keep up the good work

  2. Yet another triumph! Dr Krippling should sponsor you, given the products you've showcased… remember that 1lb Dizzy Lights?!

    Great info on the Mephisto strains too, my CCB (other half of Deep Blue C) is currently sporting a central cola like 2 pop cans stacked atop each other, and she's in soil!

    Hope you get to continue with your channel, but if not, it has been a pleasure sir.

    Keep it Green and stay in touch my friend!

  3. Would this be a good plant choice for a small scale grow then due to the yields ? I'm planning on buying a smaller tent (60*60*140cm) and going to be using a 250w HPS I'm planning on planting 4 plants in 7.5 litre pots so do you think it would be suitable and if not what photoperiod strains would be a good choice this was only really auto i was interested in due to the name but with a small grow I don't think there would be much point ?

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