Debate: Fighting For Drug Peace Across The Globe | Cannabis University 2018 | Cannabis News Network

An international debate about the future of cannabis in the Cannabis University at Cannabis Liberation Day 2018. With Jules Stobbs, Myrtle Clarke (The Dagga …


  1. Dana Larsen has made an excellent point about the decriminalization of all drugs.

    The police won't be happy about that but as they will loose their fat war-on-drugs budget.

    Excellent panel !

  2. As a pioneer advocating cannabis legalisation you are considered by the gouvernement to be a business(wo)man that makes a lot of money on cannabis. The reality is that a gouvernement that prohibits cannabis is making tons of money out of it. That money makes the difference for politicians, it does not make a difference for pioneers. Pioneers are not in it for the money. Politicians are.

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