Cannabis Breed Chamber Harvest!

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  1. When you harvest the breeding chambers are you concerned about active pollen ? Do you wet the room down after pollination? Ive seen some others do that to reduce the spread of pollen

  2. I'm gonna go broke with all these new Ocean Grown strains coming!  I'm snatching up every new strain that comes out….as I am sure some cup winners are in the near future for Ocean Grown genetics!

  3. Hello from central Oregon!! Hey bro Ive been trying to get some beans?? When are you going to get some stock. I want to blow some minds here!! Looking for that Jawa Kush!! Stay frosty!!! Respect

  4. I can't get enough of these chambers they're so nice, looks like running a little hotter mix in the rift chamber payed off! nothing like seeing all that pollen cascading over the plants too, just memorizing! thanks as always Vader, btw valkerie posted great pic on ig it reminded me of a high times photo back in the early 80's! be good!✌✌

  5. I love the space you have. I've said it before, but I feel at home when watching your videos. I have a question about "OG". I figure "OG" to you means "OceanGrown", but I was discussing with someone on another video about the origin of "OG". I'm sure you've come across this question before, so forgive me if it's a repeat. Is "OceanGrown" what "OG" stands for in the name of other strains?

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