BREAKING: Sessions Wants BIG PHARMA to Study Medical Marijuana

Jeff Session changes his mind on medical marijuana, but only if Big Pharma gets involved. CEO/Owner of Diego Pellicer, Alejandro Canto, and his management …


  1. The absolute worst thing to, is to get gubment involved!!! Simple “de-criminalization” is what should be demanded! Otherwise, the mercantilists will buy up all patents, copyrights, properties. Then lobby their “drinkin buddy” politickers to make laws. Then the bully pigs kick our doors in and whack us little folk with billy-clubs. And our Natural Rights get taxed, once again. Only for them to convince the sheeple that “We should be tickled-to -death to pay our servants to ration our rights endowed by our Creator”….. Nooooo, thanks!

  2. I got excited about Sessions becoming enlightened..for just one millisecond!! Ugh..guess he's too old to change….and I also saw he has been sued by medical users about this issue, so it definitely isn't a change of heart or conscious! .. I will be following closely, thx for info!!

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