$200/$400 PLO BERRI SWEET VS TRUETELLER – Railing High Stakes Pot Limit Omaha Cash Games

Commentating and railing high stakes poker action at the PLO $200/$400 cash games tables at Poker Stars BERRI SWEET, the 2017 top cash game winner …


  1. Not sure how you get the action wrong so frequently on your videos… apart from what's already been mentioned around 40.30 you say Trueteller puts in a 4b – actually it was a limp/3b and at 50bb's HU this is completely fine IMO.

  2. You often say that the main made hands that you want to check back on the flop are weak ones without backup. For example at 11:00 a player has trips on the flop, and there is also a flush draw possible. Isn't there also merit to checking back trips with the flush draw to trap, and then betting some of the ones without a flush draw for protection?
    I'm not good at PLO just curious

  3. Damn, give me just like their 6 Big blinds and my dream to start playing PLO25 with decent bankroll could start… but no, keep dreaming poor student :dd

  4. Just constructive criticism. I suggest you focus on only the high stakes when doing this type of commentary. Perhaps record on a separate device then comment over big hands? Or give general commentary combined with hand analysis, maybe guess the hands, both bluffs and value in the range of particular bets, as the hands happen live. I cant watch this video like this…

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