12 Year Old Girl DESTROYS Anti Marijuana Tweet in 11 Words

When 12 year old Medical Marijuana patient Alexis Bortell tweeted in response to Gov. Hickenlooper’s veto of Autism to be added to the Medical Marijuana …


  1. What do you wanna bet that POP is a phoney organization funded by DEA and/or Big Pharma. They are probably not even an organization but a single nut case troll.

  2. Most of don't aren't aware that anyone can quit weed within a week or so – with no cravings – without having to expose yourself to anyone. There are many ways to go about it, but maybe try googling Nemery Thentel's website if you're looking for a quick detox program you can follow in the privacy of your home.

  3. Alexis is a great cause… 😉 have been a cannabis refuge since FDA gave a 510k to a plastic company to produce mesh for surgical implant, polypropylene doesn't go well with oxygen….

  4. Big pharma shouldn't be able to contribute any funds to these lobbyists. Such bullshit. So they'd rather watch these kids but themselves than take something that is effective treating these symptoms of autism. It's hard on the parents. I'm gonna have to comment on this douches Facebook page. I'm sure he's got many threats already. Not going to threaten him just point out the facts.

  5. He is planning on a run for president so hes been changing his tune. He is a two face bastard.
    Why shoild a person hsve to hve a doctors permission. Doctors dhold be there to give you informtion about treating yourself. No person should have yo ask permision to treat yourslf as you see fit. Its criminsl to have a gatekeeper to how you want to be treated. It should be your soul decision what you take to treat your condition and doctord should be advisors.

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