1. Channel was good when ya wereBuilding go carts and jumping them, and sketchy stuff is what your channel needs back.what happened to paying your buddies In cigs and weed to hurt them selves for a movie. Guess that was the old way to make decent content. Best of luck

  2. I don't think that you should quit YouTube your YouTube videos are awesome if you want to make more videos you should come down to Nova Scotia and go all over Canada 2 make a few YouTube videos

  3. Man i wish i was in a spot to give. You got quite the setup for a repair place and its damn impressive how things have come. Thank you for years of entertainment pug.

  4. Wait, didn't the English metal man have a gf in the early videos… ? She quit his ass cuz he hangs with the pugs-wan too offfteen? Anyone fuckin know? Cuz I wanna fuckin know 😂

  5. Your YouTube fame is belly up! Face it , and shut the fuck up! Your making 4,400.00 per month from adsence right now and bitching about it?? What a fuckin cocksnot. Your nothing more then a stupid vlogger getting paid good money 💰 and bitching how you want more! What a cockleech!

  6. No more jumps, friends, buddy van doodle, or wax, bud, pug is dead. Ben here for 6 years. Starts the jumps again or just delete the channel fuck face!!!! Don't you get it yet!!

  7. This maybe a good thing! Pug back when you started the channel you were working on paying jobs and the vlogs were more real life! Sorry too say bud the channel has gone off the rails in the last few years. between that and AdSense shitting the bed, you may be better off getting back to the old days of 3 uploads a week!

  8. I feel you bud on the youtube thingy… I have been a yourtube creator for over 10 years make about vid a month and since I don't have 1000 plus subs they are taking what little adsense money I was making.. All because of some dip shits that posted some BS btw what does kicking the little guy get them all those vids that caused this was from those 50 million sub channels…

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