1. You guys are elevating the game of PLO with the youtube and twitch videos. It is simply amazing how consistent you guys are with putting out good content. You all are the PLO leaders of the industry.

  2. hey Jnandez when will you make another promotion for mastermind? would you consider any discount for first time members? $99 is to much for my $5 cash games.. =/ maybe one the limit just the scaping the micros and some basic strategy, and then full price for the advance, just like pokertracker do.

  3. Thank you very much for sharing your experience with us! I really like your videos. Is it possible for you to share your vision about playing middle wraps in PLO? I lose a lot with these hands, especially calling 3-bets.
    P.S. I am sorry if my English is not that good. I am not a native English speaker.

  4. Hey Jnandez. Good advice. I've been watching your videos since you started posting on YouTube and I'm a mastermind subscriber. You have a great outlook on the game and you've helped me a lot to improve my strategy as well as my approach to poker in general. Cheers man

  5. Barry Greenstein has a great approach to this, but it takes experience to pull off. In a game with a lot of fish, make sure that you are playing well and don't stop. When your mental state starts to decline, walk around and reassess. Stay playing as long as you are making the right decisions. It is all about recognizing edges.

  6. Nice, thanks for sharing. A week ago when playing live 5/5 PLO I’ve decided to quit after winning 1000 big blinds although the game was still pretty good. Just felt that I couldn’t play any close to my A-game anymore, especially deep stacked

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