What It’s Like To Have Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder

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  1. I haven’t been diagnosed, but I have a lot of PMDD symptoms and it’s so nice to see others talking about it. I hope as time goes on, PMDD and PMS issues will be taken more seriously and women will get the treatment they need. Thank you for making this.

  2. I have it, & I wasn't diagnosed until I was 35! ☹ For me what's helped the most is taking Prozac, upping my daily magnesium intake a week before & during the week of my period, daily vitamin d & evening primrose oil supplements & of course a healthy balanced diet & exercise. My symptoms have gotten less intense after having a 2nd child. Probably just a leveling out of hormones. Now I wait for menopause…..😉😆 I'm likely the oldest person commenting, but my heart goes out to all of you young ladies dealing with this. Don't give up & don't let anyone tell you that it's all in your head!!!!!! ❤

  3. I lay in my bed for a legit week before my period it’s like my evil twin, so depressed, lack of motivation, bad mood swings.. tired of it taking over my life when I’m happy one week of the month. I don’t want to hurt the people around me because I’m so snappy , I just two birth controls over this it made me worse with very bad anxiety and panic.. I been taking natural supplements and been prescribed a antidepressant this week hoping this will help! This definitely got worse as I got older, no one understands in my family so it’s very hard when they think I’m Just be8ng miserable which isn’t me! When I get my period I have so much energy and myself the real me I get the things done I had set back from the week or two before, it’s a very serious condition and needs to be talked about and known about much more I feel, bless every women going through this high hopes you find the cure. To fight this. 💜

  4. My pmdd makes me (a very mild logical person) go into ballistic rage. About 4 years ago, it was most extreme, i started breaking things (which id never done, EVER, before) and it took me 2 years of that and struggling to stop it through intense self control and deprivation to think "You know, im never an angry person, at least i thought i wasnt. And im not like this most of the time. Maybe this isnt really… me being angry." And then i found out about pmdd, and it just hit me so hard.

    I cried so often from guilt about acting like that and doing messed up things, and feeling out of control. And then there was the answer. Right there. I had pmdd. Then i started tracking when things happened and it checked out. Every time before i got my period, id have mood swings that id never have thought possible, id feel out of control, id feel horrible, id get headaches…. I went to my doctor and confirmed the diagnosis. I use the patch to help me with my symptoms.

    i dont know what her experience is like and why she cant use hormonal birth control, i know there are some side effects that are too strong or dangerous for some people. I'm shocked that she has to deal with it on her own. Shes really strong for doing that.

    For me, getting off of it will never be an option. Even if my life was at risk. I just cant go back to being that person. Id rather die than live like that again. Im glad that for me it doesnt cause any issues.

    I think we need to tell more people about it, because i never knew anything about it, i suffered and caused problems for my loved ones- and broke stuff i really didnt want to 🙁
    If you feel like your symptoms are extreme before you bleed, you might have pmdd. Doesnt have to be anger, could be sadness, or stress, anxiety, feeling tired or feeling lonely. Talk to your doctor and always get regular checkups if you can. There are family health centers in most cities thatll do obgyn work cheaply or for free. Dont wait to find out you could be living a better life, please. Cancer screenings, pap smears, bacteria tests… do it all. You only get one body and one life.

    Life can be difficult and scary sometimes, you might as well do your best to make sure as much of it as possible will be good!

  5. This is exactly how I have experienced my PMDD as a teenager and I figured it out when I saw a commercial for Yaz as well. Crazy how so many people go through the same thing and no one has talked about it. Thank you for doing this video!

  6. Thank you so much for sharing your story I thought I was the only one but after watching this video and I'm up here right now now I learned that I do have all the symptoms that you had and I knew that something was wrong with the doctors don't believe me so after watching this thank you months ago I change my diet and exercise I've noticed a huge change in my. But I do get those huge migraines a week before and I get these crazy mood swings where I cannot get out of bed or I can't function like I can't deal with situations it's too stressful for me I might think about changing more be more strict on my diet and I'll definitely be dming you on Instagram but thank you so much for sharing this she going to blog about it and I'm going to video about it and I'll hit you up on Instagram.

  7. Pmdd ruins 50% of my year. Being in constant pain from joints and boobs so sore I have to constantly wear a sports bra. And don’t even think about taking the stairs cos it’s too painful.
    Took me an hour to stop crying this morning just so I could try and get to work on time. This person who
    Shared their story regarding the email saying you’ve done something wrong was so accurate. I had some of those today and pmdd’s response was “kill yourself”. Thanks for hilighting this issue. All the comments I’ve seen have been really positive. Solidarity to my pmdd siblings xxx

  8. People don't understand how debilitating this can be. Imagine going from perfectly fine to suicidal and anxious for a week. And then the cycle starts all over again 😕 not to mention all the physical symptoms.

  9. The only thing that has helped me is evening primrose oil. It is an all natural supplement that works to balance female hormones. It has made my PMDD so much more manageable and tolerable. I noticed a difference only after a couple days!

  10. This is a huge deal for me because I've been depressed for a long time, and it might just be hormonal effects plus my still persistent mental instability, but now that I've been getting better, I've noticed that I usually get back to severe depression before my period for a few days and it just makes it feel like I'm never getting better and that sucks

  11. After watching this I just started crying. I've been dealing with these symptoms for so long and I just thought that I was just overly emotional/ crazy around my period.
    I never knew it could be an actual disorder.

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