WEED & MUNCHIES IN AMSTERDAM 😎 ☁️ #EuroweekDAY2 Travel Vlog – more Buds, more Coffee, more Food :)

We’re coming back to Amsterdam! July 2018! My Top 5 Things to do in Amsterdam!


  1. Hey cool video, i just posted some videos from amsterdam, i'm in spain now though. Check out my vlog if you want, its mostly food travel and music.

    ZinsWorld – Food Travel and Music

  2. I'm so amazed by how few cars there are in Amsterdam. I imagine life in Netherlands being so peaceful. In the country I am now, Romanica, there are a lot of cars everywhere on the roads and the drivers in the cities have a passion to sound horn very frequently… . Thank you for the video, I hope I will be able to come to Amsterdam in the future.

  3. bro when im stoned i make up the greastest inventions becuase theres no food so you have to put something together, but my all time favorite stoner food is fruit loops i can eat that for hours hahah

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