Smoking Weed Dos and Donts (Smoking Weed Tips)

This dos and donts video is the dos and donts of smoking weed. This video is basically smoking weed tips and an overall weed dos and donts video. If you want …


  1. Helloooo. How do I find this hottie & smoke some weed with him & flirt with him all night.


    I think smoking with a bottle of water & big ass chocolate bar helps. Did with me anyway 🤷🏽‍♀️

  2. Dude weed is rarely laced. If it’s laced, it’ll be way more expensive and you’ll know. Unless someone is trying to fuck you up on purpose, you’re not going to get laced weed. No one is going to waste other drugs that are so much more expensive than weed on a stranger.

  3. Me and my friends go to school high ALOT and we go to stores high and fuck around but when we go to school high the teachers will get pissed because we’re already in the Annex which is also known as a “bad kid school” and like our teachers won’t do shit but they get so fucking annoyed and we just kinda find it funny mostly because we don’t give two fucks when we’re high but yea😂😂

  4. I smoked weed for the first time last year on Halloween at my brothers friends house (I was 13 yikes) and that shit was terrible. It was like the cheapest weed this dude could find💀. I’ve found a better plug since then so it’s all good👌🏼

  5. Have a water bottle with you! If you cough to where you’re throat is super dry, you can sip (gulp) that handy water.

    Ozium instead of perfume.
    Don’t breathe that in though, feels a bit toxic when you do haha

    If you’re trying to be health conscious, carry healthy snacks in your purse 👛

    Bowls are nice. I usually smoke out of my bowls because I think they’re pretty and I’d rather not deal with the act of rolling.

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