Sessions says marijuana, opioid abuse are linked

Jeff Sessions said his goal is to see a decline in opioid prescriptions, adding, “We think a lot of this is starting with marijuana and other drugs.” Learn more about …


  1. i agree, funny how as soon as we legalized in 3 states, we suddenly had a pandemic of opioid abuse, you can burn me at the stake if you want, but the facts are the facts, only crackheads denies reality

  2. Sessions should probably listen to experts in addiction from the medical community. Instead of his drinking buddies who own beer, wine and spirits distilleries and distribution companies.
    Just saying….

  3. Oh give me a break. The only reasonable connection is the tendency for opioid addicts suffering from withdrawals to often use marijuana to try and take the edge off of the severe anxiety, discomfort, & insomnia resulting from their brains producing too much norepinephrine.

    The man knows absolutely nothing about what he is talking about. He’s just using this as a ploy to distract people away from the ongoing saga in the White House. Stop being a good-little-minion and go back to making subpar cookies.

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