Robinhood App – The Best Marijuana Stocks to Buy in 2017 and Beyond!

Here are some stocks that are in the marijuana industry that I think will do well in 2017. As medical and recreational marijuana continues to get legalized more …


  1. Yo can anyone message me please. Robinhood app doesn't have ANY cannabis stocks. When I type the company into search bar it comes up blank with every single one.

  2. The only thing these stocks have going for them is the amount of people Pfizer is killing with their prescription opium drugs. Eventually drug addicts on opium will become pot heads but that's not likely to happen with Trump's 6 billion dollar spending bill to fight opium addiction having Jeff Sessions around. That 6 billion will be wasted on psychiatrists and rehabs. I wouldn't be investing in Marijuana stocks right now. Knowing which one is going to be safe to invest in is almost harder than predicting what mining stocks are worth buying. The industry is quite secretive and just doesn't provide investors with reliable information.

  3. It just keeps going up….I'm locked and loaded and waiting for a pullback. Skimming profits off the top and re-investing in the smaller guys riding in the wake. This is INCREDIBLE.

  4. CannaSOS has used the fundamentals of Cryptocurrency 2.0 in the blockchain project to develop a transparent, reliable and secure payment system for the cannabis industry where the banking industry has fallen short by not actively cooperating or helping the representatives of the marijuana industry despite legalization.
    PerksCoin (PCT), is a digital token developed by CannaSOS, and available for use within the CannaSOS transaction platform. Exchange for goods and services within the CannaSOS community, transfer of tokens to other CannaSOS users, as well as exchange for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum is available with the PerksCoin token.

  5. Marinol is synthetic marijuana and it’s crap. You can overdose on it . What kind of shit is that. Do your research before you go telling people to buy marinol stocks. Who the hell would invest into synthetic marijuana..

  6. No point in investing your hard earned money in USA Cannibis as the zionist jew masonic devil Trump and his kids or Hilory and her kid both have an agenda with these Christian killers and world destroyers!!! PLAIN AND SIMPLE!!! Invest in Canadian Cannabis stock and watch a specially those new ones that will be environmentally safe and truly green, just because they make money on th egreen wave means nothing!! its the long haul your looking for, and those who are truly concerned with the image and responsibilities to keeping the industry and planet green. 99% of these companies are just corporate pensil necks who dont give a fuck about anything but money!!! THose of us who worked tirlessly since the 60s and the reason you can even invest today is because we did the hard work and dont be fooled by pencil necks who dont know fuck all about growing or genetics they are the same as the stoners except their high is money not weed. Research and soon you will see emerge true green teamsTM that will be the ones to invest in and we will inform you as we have many of us comment on different stock sites and blogs. AGAIN be patient be green and dont follow zionist greed!!!!!!!! it will kill you dead!!!! AMEN!!! PEACE on Christian BUILT EARTH!!!!! and MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!!!

  7. Best weed stocks are in Canada. Not on Robinhood. Legalization in 2018. ACBFF TWMJF and APHQF. U.S marijuana stocks are useless under Jeff sessions and trump. GWPH is the most solid one available on RH. But it pricey

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