#PoliceTV – Marijuana Eradication Exercise in Biche on 25th April, 2018.

TT$3.2Mn in Marijuana destroyed in eradication exercise in the Biche forest by Eastern Division officers and the Air Support Unit, on 25.04.18. #PoliceTV.

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  1. Stop endangering the officers lives because there are traph guns in there to guard against thieves not officers but there is the potential of the officers getting hurt .Billion dollar equipment like the helicopters used to yield thousand dollars findl in the case of the weed. .Did this exercise make Trinidad anymore safe this is just for the cameras to show that the TTPS is doing something that has nothing to do with crime. While this operation was being two small boats of cocaine where snuggled in and four boat load of immigrants were snuggled in and don't you know that there was one boat full with guns to use against Trinidadians,maybe that Why the operation took place to divert resources elsewhere. Your priorities are not in order, cocaine, guns and illegal immigrants and when you get the crime situation under control maybe you can look at the petty stuff because this is petty compared to the overall out of control crime situation in Trinidad. Marijuana was always taboo in Trinidad, if you smoke it you will go crazy and all the other nonsense that they say about marijuana. Diversification of your economy is a must and you already have a cash crop in the diversification process. IT is called marijuana tourism where you have people coming to your way spending money just to smoke weed. IT is happening in the international jurisdictions don't worry Rowley already is on board with the program so you would not be chastised if anything they might pay you to leave the idea alone so that more people would come to their shores.LEGALIZE the weed and shut down the cocaine pipeline by legalizing marijuana or is it a fact that it cannot be done because of the substantial lost that some big fish and their inner Trinidadian circle will suffer. Legalize the weed MR FERRIS attorney general and see the demand for cocaine drop and also the crime that with it,Yoo allyuh government in Trinidad is very backward allyuh need new political heads,visionaries who can take the country where it needs to be. Why don't you have a commissioner of Police not acting,maybe the you acting for so many years under whose watch thousands have died crime spiral out of control and you have the most serial killers on the planet, one man has ten bodies because the detection rate of catching murderers and prosecuting and convicting is the lowest in the world. Put your priorities in order you need at least three hundred detectives to help catch and convict murderers, you don't have time to conduct weed eradication, bull shit who are you trying to impress to prove that you are doing something. Legalize the weed and get your priorities in order let the farmers and people make money and live the government could make money by taxing the sales,those old colonial figure heads needs to go all those over forty years need an infusion of young heads with new ideas. Legalize the dam weed and enough of the dam third world bush politics LEGALIZE the WEED!

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