Opinion: Medical Cannabis Production in Georgia

These are my kids. They’re twins so I love them twice as much. They’re all grown up now, but I’ll never forget how worried their Mom and I would be whenever …


  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS, my name is Indyah and i am a mother of 7. i am about to move from here fore the 3rd time and each time i have come back to ga it has been because health was better and to allow the children a better relation ship with there fathers (2). each time i come back m health declines from the lack of medical cannibis. i have been unable to eat for up to 6weeks 5 days at a time. hospitalized given all kinds of cancer meds to help me eat. nothing worked… i was unable to intake even a teaspoon of water. this has happen 3 times here in ga. finally on that 6th week and 5th day. i was allowed to ingest cannibis in the hospital and after i was able to eat to of the dinner trays.. my children have watched my vomit until there was nothing but a dry gaging.. unable to wash myself, walk to bathroom yet alone to wipe mself. there father the persons account i am on at that time came to care for me. again the doctors and dfacs said okay we see you need cannibis. i was appotinted a dfacs case manager because i went from weighing 153lbs in one month to 117 in the next 30 days. my blood was tested never have i done drugs only this plant and after a long struggle with the idea. i am sad once again my family has to leave and start over. the laws here scare me. i worry about my self and more so my children. dfacs has already taken them for me homeschooling then after they took them because my son age6 or 7 said the word "bud",(we also have had gardens and the day they took them our flowers had buded and they were excited about this. but they tookit as bud/weed/cannibis) so they drug tested my children all 6 of them at the time and the youngest was 2 years of age. georgia has been highly disrespectful to persons and there children for saving there own life. how can you say we rather you die and leave your children mother less ( tears stream down my face as i type this ), how can you say my children being told i wont make it if i cant eat. at 23yrs old i wrote a living will.. i have prepared my children for my early death at first.. so.. i have been diagnosed with p.t.s.d, breast cancer, chirosis of the liver, ovarian cist that they think are cansorous, severe migraines, siatica, and hyperemisis .. more things but you get the picture, i was held hostage at the age of 15yrs old and stayed there for a two or three week period and i turned 16 in that place. where i was tied up, put in the closet, pullednout when ever thia 26yr old man wanted to pless himself. his mother and brother heled with this. at the time i was given to the state of ga. in a group home on pryor st and it was not so great, i was 15 with 28 creditss in school i had started reading and studing law.. but punished for tragedies that happened to me
    in colorado and arizona i was not only able to take this plant for my healing andso my family could heal. i was also about to cultivate. georgia…. my family, friends, business.. is here.. but i have to once again choose between my health and our family. i have lost my maternal gran mthr to cancer and 5 of her daughters. one aunt has had a double massectumy.. the ones we lost werer under 50 except one… i didnt and dont want this for myself and chidren.

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