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This Episode Nellie Benner uses Salvia (Salvinorine A). After smoking the Salvia Nellie experiences an intense trip. USE: – Smoke the Salvia through a water …


  1. If you're going to try Salvia because you're interested in where else your mind can go, take a very small hit your first time, and don't even hold it in (this is a VERY potent substance), and increase your dose from there. TRUST me because I had a bad trip on mushrooms which was a walk in the park compared to 1 bowl (1g) of 10x Salvia, which I smoked in 2 giant hits and held in as long as possible. That experience started with me literally ripping the blinds off the wall because I was sweating profusely.

  2. I saw life as a book with many other realities around me or moments of people doing salvia too then i got sucked into tho book and became part of it. I remember a man being there but he never seems to be happy that I’m there, maybe because I fight the trip because it’s so intense. I can never prepare myself to go back there but I still do for some reason.

  3. Man people need to realize this probably isn't translated the best. Nobody did anything wrong. Do any of you trying to talk down to her "sitters" do drugs? I've been doing drugs 13 years I've done every drug there is and I'm actually pretty knowledgeable in pharmacology. What they did was just fine. She was just fine. Everyone needs to relax and stop thinking they caused her to trip like that. She already realized it was her mic transmitter poking her in the side causing her to feel that way. The drawing she drew shower her stuck in the floor and she felt weird from where she was being poked and down. Most salvia trips are not pleasant.

  4. Girls are usually not great at tripping, too afraid of 'losing control' their egos have a stronger hold over them than males. To enjoy a trip, you have to stop worrying about how you look or what others will think of you….. Turn off your mind, relax and float downstream, this is not dying, this is shining – George Harrison wrote that, and he knew a few things…..

  5. О-о-о, бля! А что, так можно было?! Хавать разную наркоту и пилить про это видосы! Классная девчонка, крутой канал!

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