1. i just quite vaping and went back onto smoking so i can quit. i had way more health problems on e tronic than i did real cigarettes. and you know…when its hard to switch onto real cigarettes from vaping. thats how you know there extremely bad for you and addictive.

  2. Hello Clyde, I hit the vape shop the day after your last movie, I've been off the darts ever since. Thanks for the inspiration, great idea and motivation. After almost 40 years I didn't think it was possible, I'm enjoying the Mini Donuts and Strawberry smoothie right now, Cheers.

  3. I started my prescription of CHAMPIX about the same time you started VAPE. Thank you for hitting on the points about health. and the fact that there is still Nicotine when you vape. I was wondering if yours had Nicotine in it and now I know. If I can't quit with Champix I may try vaping. Seems if I have to smoke, vaping might be better for everyone around me. Time will tell. Thanks for the video CLYDE.

  4. Congrats on making the switch, dudeman! I really hope it works for you in the long run. I've been stinky free for almost 5 years. If you need any advice, or help with your gear, you know where to find me on the Discords.
    Good job, broski!

  5. How funny. I've switched to vaping when I'm at home to cut down, and I'm looking at getting an airsoft gun this weekend lol. What Krytec did you get and how do you like it?

  6. Smoked for about 9 years. The vape changed my life. I no longer stink. My house no longer stinks. I can breathe. It’s not perfect but it’s definitely the best NRT available right now. You just taper down and I think about vaping/smoking less and less every day.
    PS i started at 12mg(huge head rush-I smoked a pack a day) about 1.5 years ago, now down to 1.5mg. If you really want to quit, it will work.

  7. Vapour or not… that's a lot of "smoke" to go into the lungs. It doesn't just appear as it leaves the mouth… as far as I know. No headrush sensation? I would have thought if one was trying to quite… the less "smoke" (vapour) the better, that way the brain can switch off of the "smoke" better.

  8. Also I used to get a cold/sniffles every time I tried to quit cold turkey. Then I truly quit back when Blu Ecigs were big. Used them to taper off to nothing. Then I realized I just liked smoking and bought a vape lol

  9. Clyde get a Genesis style tank. Aspire cleito is old AF and those tanks with those screw in coil bases are weak.

    Check out iJoy limitless, avocado, etc. I have the limitless (it's also old as fuck) but remains relevant, just like an XJ, my limitless is my old reliable

  10. Damn glad to hear it is going so well for you. It was the same with me, no cravings, super easy transition. I do get a bit obsessed, and I already have multiple mods, tanks, and make my own e-juice even. Congrats buddy! Keep on vaping!

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