1. I'm curious as to what the motivation is to support particular political positions, such as legislating marijuana. It's not like it's a vote concerning church doctrine. It could be legal to consume pounds of it per day; it's not going to change the church's standards of the word of wisdom. Would the church propose and financially support legislation to regulate coffee, for example? Why or why not? How about making adultery or pre-martial sex a misdemeanor – maybe even a felony? That's pretty severe behavior, after all (it's like the third worst sin, although one is left to wonder where the non-consenaul variety fits within that whole ranking scheme).

    Why exactly is the church worried about non-member citizens using "loopholes" so that they can use marijuana recreationally? If someone wants to knowingly cheat the system, then let them be accountable. Exactly how much of the churches standards are they interesting in legislating upon everyone else, and why? The gospels seems to indicate to me that it's opt-in.

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