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  1. I prefer integraboost packs over boveda any day the bovedas are a salt base system witch to me affects the flavor and smell the integra are not salt based and really doesn't alter the flavor or smell. I forget the exact stuff that integra are made out of but IMHO integra are a superior product.

  2. If that’s what the cia says and you believe that then why would you think the earth it’s a ball with water sticking to it when everyone knows that water needs to be contained and it always finds its level … not a joke . And if your excuse is gravity then where is the theory or gravity showing water sticking to the exterior of a shape when all experiments show it being contained .

  3. For Smell Drop some essential oils of citrus or even herbal smells on the filter of the air conditioner. Also use an essential oil sprayπŸ‘Œ Not only good smelling but also a distraction and can aid the terpene content of ur plants. Major Key alert Use steam distilled oils if possible for better smell, quality and benefits.

  4. I never use a dome on seedlings. If you start in an enviroment that matches your main grow rooms enviroment , there will never be a delayed response or risk of death if they dont like the hardening process. I always see vigour unless the genetics have ruled it out. Stay well . Green πŸ’š to all πŸ‘ŠπŸ•‰

  5. Also, Boveda packs work… but nothing, i mean NOTHING like the BOOST INTEGRA Humidity Packs do. I highly recommend using Boost Integra over Boveda any day. Lokigro(also discount code) and Pedro's Grow Room, BOTH have like 20-25% off discount coupons that make them like DIRT cheap. TRY THEM, DGC!!!!!!!! its literally like $8-$12 for 20 of them or something i cant remember how much cause i bought $100 worth when i purchased them.

  6. I wish everyone would only support cannabis terpenes. We need to keep cannabis purity laws natural and safe, not fakery and synthetic. AT THE VERY LEAST… they should label if it is fake terpene blends or original extraction.. just like organic labels for food.., i want to keep it real, thats all

  7. Peat bails we got this year.. extra hot and killed some seeds. Beware..the prewashed pure Coco coir bails (examples, royal coco, or Cyco coco bail)with mycorrhizae added did the best, none died, and all the coco coir transplants are the top seedlings this year…its just way more consistant and reliable if you ask me…basic compressed coconut coir bricks are now sold by walmart online, home depot and amazon, plus all grow shops.. 1 compressed coir brick around 8 to 15, retail, fills 1 small wheelbarrow once the coco gets wet and decompresses. Took me a while to switch from ProMix.. but good coco coir is just as reliable and reusable

  8. Humidity packs ruin herb,no bueno, garbage..the systems like n2pack and nitrogen sealed cans i.e house of dank tuna the best way to pack herb in the future, hands down perfect every time…
    Prime example is Native Roots, the biggest grow warehouse in the U.S…has literally 100s of plastic 5 gallon buckets of over dried herb stored with the giant boveda packs… point proven, heh, just go buy their basic smell, overly dry….hard to find a bigger op in the world than that one on dahlia, believe that.. nice op but semipros managing…rich clowns… but the BEST pack to use is the boost white color humidity packs instead of boveda.. last year everyone in grow states who tried both brands always said boost was a better cure than the brown boveda 62s… try them out, plus the boost has a little color changing circle to let you know when its dried out.

  9. Hahaaa the decarb conversation reminds me of this moron i knew. He went out and got a no bake cheesecake kit made it then ground up a bag of buds on it and eat it 🀣🀣 then he walked around for the day pretending to be stoned.

  10. The DGC member at the throwdown with the Thai Stick was LnFGardens. That damn Thai stick got a ton of people stoned! And don’t be concerned about Chris Trump, he’s not who you think he might be. Lol. He’s big into Korean natural farming. He has an interview on the Shaping Fire Podcast. πŸ‘πŸΌ

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