GOP senator rips Sessions over marijuana policy

Sen. Cory Gardner (R-CO) threatened to block all Justice Department nominees after Attorney General Jeff Sessions said he would end Obama-era policies that …


  1. I've was a Republican in Colorado until this jack wagon said he wouldn't vote on any of President Trump's nominees until he promised not to go after Colorado's Unconstitutional voter approved legalization of marijuana. Gardner doesn't do his job as a Federal lawmaker, an as a Coloradan Independent voter, I will not vote for the jack wagon Republican incumbent if he's the nominee for the Republican Party. Gardner is a RINO, and one of the reasons I'm no longer a Republican!

  2. The voters will deal with these issues. Big pharmaceutical donors can not run this nation any longer! They must be voted out. The voters have spoke

    I'm shocked to say, though, I do like Sessions stance on protecting 2nd Amendment. But he needs to apply that FREEDOM to the MARIJUANA PROHIBITION WHICH IS RUINING PEOPLE'S LIVES!

  4. Hey great I'm a republican but I look at it this way who the hell are you to tell a free man he can't have something it's not freedom that's communism when the masses dictate what others can do great rhinos weren't bad enough now we have wannabe Stalin's infiltrated in our party

  5. This is Pot head speaking! Revenue selling drugs? What about the people who got killed in car accidents? Isn't it up 50% after marijuana were legalize? People of Colorado chose to risk themselves in getting hit by pot head like you?

  6. you americans are gas. firearms are legal. you can go off wearing guns, but you cant walk down the road with a joint in your own mouth . it should never of been criminalised. i am smoking since i am 14 and i am 46 now . and it never left me on to a gateway. bullshit. decrimanalise it….

  7. Marijuana is a natural medicine. Period. All this bullshit is political nonsense. States have the rights to legalize medicine without the Influence of the uneducated Federal government.

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