Global Health News Episode #21 | Brain-Boosting Herbs | FDA Policy Updates | Pet Vaccines

The Truth About Cancer presents the latest episode of Global Health News with Ty & Charlene sharing world updates on brain-boosting herbs, FDA policies, …


  1. I absolutely read label warnings. This week alone my 6 year old was prescribed steriods instead of claritin. I called about 4 times after reading side effects. I was not ready to give this to my princess not without giving a piece of my mind to them. Turns out it was wrong prescription
    How many other kids has this happened to. Not just kids.. too scary and just a confirmation to look for more natural God given alternatives

  2. Wow! Eye opening.. There is Big money in keeping people sick, and now Big government wants to take away your free-speech so we can't get the word out that the Government is in bed with pharmaceutical companies, and take away your right to know the negative effects of drugs. California of all places! Calif was the birth place of the health movement, and free speech was demanded by UC Berkeley students. Now students demand to be "free of" free speech, and California is forcing vaccinations! If this is allowed, who knows what they will put in our children's vaccinations in the future! So scary.. I think Calif started by dumbing down the school system first! Fight for your freedom people.. Calif is going the way of Britain which just put a man in jail for reporting the news the Government didn't want people to hear.

  3. Have you considered doing a series about Lyme disease? I live near St.Paul Minnesota which is a hotspot for Lyme. But it’s nearly a plague in parts of the northeast US.

  4. How do we get all the episodes in closed caption? Bought the DVDs, no closed caption. Can only find the first two episodes on youtube. Those two have closed caption but not finding the other episodes on “Truth About Cancer.” Help!

  5. FDA wants to eliminate drug ad warnings? HA! It's not because most people don't bother to read them. It's because more people DO read them or HEAR them on commercials and therefore become aware of how dangerous these drugs really are. Informed patients are more likely to seek healthy alternatives, and that's bad news for big pharma.

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